10 December 2008

Tempo Run

Duration = 30:05
Distance = 2.25
Calories = 262
Max HR = 176
Avg HR = 145
Running Index = 37
Max Cadence = 94
Avg Cadence = 80

Using what I learned from Monday, I started with a 10 minute warm-up. My goal for this tempo run was to maintain 6.0 for the 10 minutes of the run. I succeeded. I then did a 10 minute cool-down and stretches.

10:00/mile is a bit fast for a tempo run at my last time trial, but is right at the pace called for by my target assessment pace of 8:51. A tempo run pace is described as "comfortably hard" with a heart rate in the 85-90% of Heart Rate Reserve (range from resting to maximum). I would agree that the effort tonight was comfortably hard and review of the HR data from the session puts the heart rate at 84-89% Heart Rate Reserve.

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