15 December 2008

Goals update and current plan

Now that I've passed the USAF Fitness Assessment, I can review my fitness goals. My first goals post is a good starting point (and changes are marked relative to that post). I want to give myself some breathing room on the assessment, so I'm adding the following goals: Run 1.5 miles in 12:00 (this will give me three more points) and complete 30 crunches in 1 minute (improving my current weakest segment). I've replaced the 1.5 miles in 10:30 short term goal with the two long term goals of maxing out the run.

Short Term Goals

  • Run 1.5 miles in 10:30 (7:00/mile)
  • Run 1.5 miles in 12:00 (8:00/mile)
  • Complete a 5K run (Done, 1 FEB 2009)
  • Complete a 10K run (Done, 11 APR 2009)
  • Complete 30 crunches in 1 minute
  • Body fat percentage < 25%

Long Term Goals

  • 6 miles in 42:00 (43:24 for a 10K; 7:00/mile)
  • Max the 1.5 mile run for my age group, currently 10:24
  • Max the 1.5 mile run for any male, 9:36
  • Body fat percentage < 20%
  • Complete a marathon

Current Plan

Over the next four months, I will be completing the Red Intermediate Plan from Daniels' Running Formula (2nd Ed.). I will continue to run 6 days a week and include 5K to 10K races as opportunities allow. I will workout with sets of push-ups and crunches on three "easy" days during the week. I will also continue my diet which should achieve my current target (155 lbs.) at the end of April 2009.

[Edited 2009-02-01 to noted 5K completed]

[Edited 2009-04-11 to noted 10K completed]

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