02 December 2008

Easy OwnZone Session

Duration = 45:01
Distance = 2.64
Calories = 287
Max HR = 137
Avg HR = 122
Running Index = 43
Max Cadence = 70
Avg Cadence = 66
OwnZone Target = 108-138

OwnZone warm-up: Under 100 bpm for the first minute; 100-120 bpm for the next minute. It took me longer to get my heart rate to respond upward than in previous OwnZone sessions. I was into the third minute when the HRM settled on the range 108-138. I was looking for a fairly easy session so didn't work to raise the heart rate higher in the range. I ended up with a speed of 3.5 before I was solidly in the Zone. At about 5:30, I was trending down, so I bumped the speed to 3.6. The heart rate rose very slowly, but steadily until a bit after 15:00. The plateau is basically from 20:00 to the start of the cool-down at 35:00. In fact, the Max HR was at 32:50. The cool-down started with 131. I dropped the speed by 0.1 each every 30 seconds down to 2.0. I had recovered to under 108 be the end of the cool-down.

I would have dropped the speed if I had actually hit the top of the Zone. As I was just under that limit near the end of the stress phase, this was just about as perfectly paced as a session can get. Reviewing this session compared to the earlier sessions of the same type show improvement. I have a lower heart rate for similar or slightly higher paces.

[Edited 1039, 3 December 2008]

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