26 December 2008

Hilly Easy Run

Duration = 36:32
Distance = 3.02
Calories = 303
Max HR = 165
Avg HR = 147
Running Index = 44
Max Cadence = 97
Avg Cadence = 88

I managed to get out and run today before the rain got here (still hasn't as I write this). I did two laps around the neighborhood. This route has a steep hill on one end and a shallow hill at the other. A creek runs across the middle of the route. Weather was 60 degrees with overcast. There was some wind, but it was rarely an issue.

I was able to maintain my target cadence during the run. My pace was faster than my target (11:16 vs 12:00). Reviewing the data from the HRM, my heart rate is perfectly in line with the range for the easy run. I need to work on getting more used to managing my pace better when running outside. I'm looking forward to the weather improving up home in Michigan and I can spend more time outside instead of running on the treadmill.

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