05 December 2008

Last Pacing Exercise Before Assessment

Duration = 31:06
Distance = 2.42
Calories = 297
Max HR = 183
Avg HR = 153
Running Index = 36
Max Cadence = 96
Avg Cadence = 75

I did this very similar to my trial on Wednesday. I did the crunches and push-ups (this time with help from my wife). I did the warm-up, then restarted the treadmill. I set a speed of 6.0 mph. I was able to maintain this for just over the first four "laps". I dropped the speed to 5.0 until I had less than half a "lap" to go. I then pushed right up to the end of the "lap". There followed the normal cool-down, but this time I stopped decreasing the speed at 2.5.

I have a new best time for the 1.5 miles (as indicated by the treadmill) of 15:51. This is only 3 seconds from another break point. If I can get those three seconds, I have 5 of the 11.5 points I need in improvements to pass the assessment. It's going to be close this month.

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