08 December 2008

I learned something new

Duration = 30:01
Distance = 2.21
Calories = 261
Max HR = 184
Avg HR = 145
Running Index = 38
Max Cadence = 100
Avg Cadence = 79

Several things actually.

I got a new book, Daniels' Running Formula (2nd Ed.) by Jack Daniels. He covers a lot of ground I've already seen, but one new thing stuck this time through: cadence. My wife had recently said that I needed to make sure I wasn't spending too much energy bounding up and down. This primed me for the comment with respect to cadence that higher cadence was more efficient as you spent less time in the air which also reduces the impact of the heel strike. I tried this in today's session. I need to work on it, but it did seem to help. This may have given me a key to my next improvement in speed. Now all I need to do is get my stamina to match.

I need to make my warm-up longer. I will now work with a gradual increase over 10 minutes to get ready for these sessions. I initially backed off the pace I had set as it just didn't feel right. A bit later (just over 10:00), I noted a stable heart rate and my legs felt better, so I started increasing the speed. I had initially planned on 5.0, but actually found that 6.0 felt better with the faster cadence. I didn't have the stamina for this level yet, so I backed off to 5.5. This felt better, so I bumped the speed a bit, and then went back to 6.0 for another 2 minutes. I finished the last 30 seconds at 8.0. A 10 minute cool-down and stretches and I was done.

A bit later, I noted a small blister on the toe next to the big toe on my left foot. I have tended to run in the socks I wear to work. I will find and wear the exercise socks I have. I will also trim the nail on the big toe which could be the culprit.

Finally, the Running Index of 38 is my best to date for a pure running session. The continues the positive trend of the three weeks I've used to heart rate monitor for these sessions. Somewhere around 45 would correspond with a strong running score on the USAF Fit-to-Fight assessment.

This was a good session: I feel great as I type this.

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