31 October 2008

Halloween Treadmill Session

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Duration = 40:00
Distance = 2.48
Calories = 368

For a scary day, this was a great session.

I started with a few stretches (still looking for a good concise set). Then, I started with a warm-up that turned out to be 5 minutes ramping up from 2.5 to 3.5 mph. (I may need to adjust this.) At 5:00, I felt like it was time for the "real" exercise to start. I bumped the speed to 4.0. (This is now feeling a bit slow. It is hard to keep from dropping into a walking gait.) I was still a bit tight so I left the speed at 4.0 for until 12:00 (from start, includes warm-up). At 12:00, I pushed the speed to 4.5, and then to 5.0 as things still felt good. I maintained the 5.0 until 14:00, then I dropped back to 4.5. I kept with the 4.5 until 30:00, then I slowed to 4.0 and dropped into a walking gait deliberately. I finished the last 5 minutes of the exercise phase with the fast walk. The cool-down was at 3.0, then 2.5, and ended with 2.0. I recorded my numbers then went upstairs for stretches.

In the future, I'll use a walking warm-up of 3.0 for 5 minutes and a walking cool-down from 3.0 to 2.0 over 5 minutes. I will be looking to do a steady session at 4.5 mph. Once I get that, I will add intervals to 5.0 with the goal of a steady 5.0 session. I'd like to get to this point as a base because I like the stride I get at that speed.

This weekend, I have a nice run in the nearby park planned.

30 October 2008

Not so good day

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Duration = 40:00
Distance = 2.22
Calories = 305

I added an explicit 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool-down to the 30 minute planned run. I set the treadmill for 2.0 mph for both the warm-up and the cool-down. I'm not sure this helped. I figure I need to do better stretches before the run.

I tried to push the speed to 4.5 mph, but my legs were signaling that that was not a good idea. I dropped the speed down to 3.5 mph to recover and then pushed back up to 4.0 mph. I stayed there until near the end and pushed back up to 4.5 mph for the rest of the 30 minute section. This felt a bit better. No lingering stiffness or pain after the cool-down.

I think I'll ramp up from 2.0 to 3.0 (or 3.5) during the warm-up tomorrow. For now, 2.0 for the cool-down seems to be fine. Now, to research some more stretches.

27 October 2008

Monday treadmill session

Duration = 30:00
Distance = 2.00
Calories = 327

Data is from the treadmill display after finishing. Goal was to complete the 30 minutes at the set speed of 4.0 mph (15:00/mile). I will need to do better to score well on the 1.5 mile USAF run, but it is a start and practice will improve things.

Very important, I remembered to stretch after the session. I felt much better for doing the stretches. Also, no damage was noted from my equipment.

Entertainment is important for a treadmill session. My wife read to me while I ran. This was greatly appreciated. Also, her presence kept me at it to the end.

21 October 2008

Short skiing session

Duration = 20:00
Distance = 1.76
Calories = 275

Wore some old sneakers for this session. No issue with either foot tonight. Blister from last week is mostly healed. One ski seems to have a bit more drag than the other. Time will tell. I hope to get back to running soon.

I expect to take my Fit-to-Fight test for the USAF on the second weekend of November. This consists of a mile-and-a-half run, crunches, push-ups, and a waist measurement. The results are compared to a chart for gender and age to get a score. 75 out of the 100 available is passing.

20 October 2008

NordicTrack again

Duration = 30:00
Distance = 2.20
Calories = 382

Moccasins I was wearing don't protect against an irregularity in one of the skis. I have a new sore spot on the bottom of my left foot. I did manage a steady rate for the whole session.

16 October 2008

Not always running

I expect most posts will be simple statistics from the just finished session. While not always running, they will likely be mostly cardio. I don't expect to note all the pushups and crunches done during the day except as maybe including a total. I'm still thinking about that.

Tonight was NordicTrak:
Duration = 30:00
Distance = 1.74
Calories = 351

I'm not sure exactly what the unit is for the distance. I use what is displayed at the end of the session. I assume it is miles. Calories is also read from the electronic monitor.

The tenderness turned out to be a blister. I talked with the running shop. The placement of the blister is not indicative of an incorrect size for the shoes. It is rather a new rub point due to the support these shoes are providing that I haven't had previously. I bought some BodyGlide to help in this regard and to address chafing I tend to get elsewhere.

15 October 2008

Session the first

It's raining out and I have new shoes to determine if they fit correctly. We have a treadmill in the basement, so I have no excuse for not starting today. My wife even read from a book we are sharing while I ran.

Session goals:
  • Start
  • Figure out the treadmill
  • Run enough to determine if the shoes really fit
  • Run without pause for 30 minutes
Duration = 22:40
Distance = 1.51 miles (calc)
Calories = 128 (calc)

I was able to get the treadmill running (with assistance from my wife) and set the speed for 4.0 mph as a first guess for a rate that I could handle for the 30 minutes. I stumbled at the 22:40 point (using my watch) and pulled back far enough to disengage the key that enables the treadmill. I figured that was a good place to stop as it also reset the controls. I calculated the other numbers based on the rate and the time. I used a value (340 cal/hr) I found on the net for calorie burn based on walking 4.0 mph as it was the only one for that rate and the lowest number I found. I am also not adjusting for my weight being higher than 150.

I didn't get the 30 minutes today, but I felt pretty good at the point I did stop. I am satisfied with my starting point.

I didn't notice any issue while running, but I did note a tender spot on my foot a while later. I will consider the shoe issue to be still open.


I've started running. This will be a log of my progress in this endeavor.

When starting a journey, one should have some purpose or destination in mind. Sometimes, the journey itself is why one is travelling. Even then, some guiding principle exists. Sometimes, their are intermediate goals that govern part of the journey. With these thoughts in mind, I shall consider my current goals for this running program.

Physical fitness is good to have for sustained health. I've picked running as part of my fitness program because it is a specific capability that I am tested on annually as a member of the US Air Force Reserve. This is also the source of the first short term goal. For my age group, I need to beat 10:24 for the mile-and-a-half run to get the maximum points. I also need to reduce my waist size to less than 32.5 inches and running is part of the plan for that as well.

When I graduated high school, I weighed 148 lbs and could run 6 miles in 42 minutes wearing combat boots. Over the summer, I was involved in a vigorous training program and was healthy at 131 lbs. I'd like to see if I can get back to that level of fitness. I know I'm not 18 anymore, but I won't be running boots either. I figure 7:00/mile for an extended run (like a 10K) is a reasonable long term goal. If I get to a point where I'm healthy and still unable to increase my speed to that level without risking injury, I can let this go.

While not a running goal, I would like to get my percentage body fat down to a more healthy level. Greater than 25% (where I am now) is considered to be unhealthful. Just on the low side of 20% seems to be the suggested target for adult males. I have a scale which gives me a fairly repeatable (if of unknown accuracy) number that I will track. I carry my extra weight at my waist, so my waist measurement will give another metric for tracking progress.

I've always talked about running a marathon. I even was signed-up for the New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon one year, but got sick just before the race. My little sister has completed at least one marathon and at least one half marathon. I don't know her time, and I'm not going to worry about it until after I've completed at least one marathon myself. (And maybe not even then.)

Short Term Goals
  • Run 1.5 miles in 10:30 (7:00/mile)
  • Complete a 5K run
  • Complete a 10K run
  • Body fat percentage < 25%

Long Term Goals
  • 6 miles in 42:00 (43:24 for a 10K; 7:00/mile)
  • Body fat percentage < 20%
  • Complete a marathon
That's enough for now. For those who know me, there is a very short term goal. That is to actually stick with the plan. Watch this space.

Superseded by update on 15 December 2008.

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