07 December 2008

Better Long run

Duration = 1:30:02
Distance = 5.66
Calories = 627
Max HR = 144
Avg HR = 129
Running Index = 42
Max Cadence = 75
Avg Cadence = 67

Today's long run was better than the one last Sunday. The pace was much more consistent. Warm-up started at 2.0 mph, then 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5. After 5 minutes, I started stress phase at 4.0. I maintained this until I had finished the first mile. Then I dropped the speed to 3.5. I stayed with this for a while until I noted that my heart rate was dropping a bit. I bumped the speed to keep the heart rate over 130. I ended that phase at 3.7. Cool-down was 10 minutes starting at 3.5 and ending at 2.5 to complete the 1:30 for the whole session.

I'd have liked to have done better, but my body was unhappy with me. I had just gotten home from dinner. I need to have had more fluids in my system and I should have allowed more time after eating.

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