03 December 2008

Pre-assessment Time Trial

Duration = 31:40
Distance = 2.39
Calories = 305
Max HR = 183
Avg HR = 153
Running Index = 35
Max Cadence = 90
Avg Cadence = 75

This was a test to see how I would do relative to the 1.5 mile run I need for the USAF assessment in a week and a half. I did my push-ups and crunches before the run. I started with a 5 minute warm-up including short bursts of speed. (I will do strides to prepare to do the run for real.) I restarted the treadmill to use its display for the laps. I started at 5 mph and ramped quickly to 6.3. I added 0.1 after each lap. This would have finished with a last lap of 6.8. This represents the target range for this part of the assessment. I didn't do the bump after the third lap. I wasn't sure I could handle it. Then I wasn't sure I could hold what I had either. I dropped the speed a bit and then a lot. After two minutes, I started to increase the speed again. I finished with 6.0 and started the cool-down. Final time for the 1.5 mile was 16:22 which is marginally faster than my November assessment time.

I should have started slower (~6.0 mph) and maintained that until at least half-way before trying to increase speed if I feel I can. This would have been nearly a minute and a half off the time from November. Other good news is that I still feel good mechanically.

I will keep with the MWF hard and TTh easy with a Sunday long run through the assessment during my December UTA. I will adjust my plan as needed after I have those numbers.

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