01 December 2008

Slow rise

Duration = 30:01
Distance = 1.48
Calories = 136
Max HR = 132
Avg HR = 105
Running Index = 42
Max Cadence = 76
Avg Cadence = 60

I started this session at 2.0 and added 0.1 each minute to 4.0. I held 4.0 for the one minute and then started the cool-down at 3.5 dropping 0.1 every 30 seconds to 2.0 and finished the 30 minutes there.

I now have a better idea how I warm up. I graphed the HR data against the speed. Looking at the raw data, there is an element of time involved as well. Next time I do this test, I will bump 0.2 every 2 minutes and see if the HR data develops steps. For now, I will ramp up to my target speed over a longer time and keep an eye on things.

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