23 December 2008

Full strides session

Duration = 50:04
Distance = 4.04
Calories = 467
Max HR = 178
Avg HR = 153
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 114
Avg Cadence = 87

Plan for today was a repeat of the plan for Monday: 30 minutes E-pace followed by 6 strides and a cool-down. Plan fully executed.

Comparing the two, I did better in every measure today. I felt better and that may be all the difference there is. My peak heart rate is on the end of the last stride and is lower than the peak of each of the five strides yesterday. The normal drift was a bit slower. In fact, there is a fair portion of the steady pace section that is flat. Yesterday had a steady rise for the entire session. Finally, after only two minutes from the end of the final stride, I had already recovered to a lower heart rate and maintained that all the way to the end of the cool-down.

In cadence, I'm getting better control of the faster speeds. The peak cadence came in the first stride. The rest were all under 105. Also, there is a sharper adjustment at the beginning and the end of each stride. I think part of the rapid improvement I seeing currently is due to significant improvement in my running mechanics. I feel there is some additional efficiency to be gained here before I plateau. As I'm happy with the pace of aerobic development, I focusing on the mechanics for this current cycle. The current sequence completes at the beginning of April.

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