19 December 2008

Shoveling 10 inches of snow

Duration = 1:39:08
Calories = 583
Max HR = 145
Avg HR = 119

When we got the 10 inches of snow, I was ready. I wore the strap and wrist control while shoveling the driveway and walks. I used cleaning off my car as the cool-down.

Steady Zone 1 for the first 8:15, then steady Zone 2. The last 8 minutes of shoveling was in low Zone 3 as I was dealing with the car and the last of the snow. I was moving a bit faster and it was a bit more difficult. I hit the lap button at this point (1:27:24) and called my wife. I then cleared the snow off my car. This final effort was all Zone 1. I figure this is because there was very limited lifting involved.

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