18 December 2008

Cruise Intervals

Duration = 40:06
Distance = 3.28
Calories = 389
Max HR = 175
Avg HR = 155
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 96
Avg Cadence = 85

I missed the Quality Session scheduled yesterday, so I did that session today. Tomorrow will be an Easy session, dropping the second Quality Session this week.

I need to convert the distance based workout to a time based workout. This was billed as 3 x 1-mile with 1 minute rests. I noted that the target distance was too high for my current weekly total. I dropped one of the repeats. Then I noted that I had the wrong time for the work phase. I ended up with 12 minutes of work which is short of the target of 20.

After the planned 10-minute cool-down, I added an additional phase where I step the speed down to 4.0 mph then to 3.5, 3.0, and 2.5 after 1 minute each. I then stay at 2.5 until I have a heart rate below 130. I may try this with a final speed of 3.0 and see if the heart rate drops low enough.

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