09 December 2008

An "easy" pace targeted session

Duration = 30:07
Distance = 1.88
Calories = 206
Max HR = 151
Avg HR = 128
Running Index = 38
Max Cadence = 86
Avg Cadence = 75

This was an "easy" session using a performance-predicted pace. I have a chart using my current time for the 1.5 miles (linearly prorated to 2km as the calculator didn't have 1.5 mile as a distance option) to determine the correct pace for different types of training. I set the treadmill for this pace and ran that for the stress phase of today's session. When I downloaded the information from the HRM to my computer, I determined that my heart rate actually settled in the expected range for Endurance-targeted training.

While the blister is still there (checked before the run), it didn't seem to get worse during this session. It looks like the toe nail might, indeed, have been the culprit.

In Fit-to-Fight news, I have acquired a sit-up bar (goes under a door) to help with training for the strength portion of the assessment.

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