11 December 2008

Last Easy Session before assessment

Duration = 30:00
Distance = 1.80
Calories = 169
Max HR = 137
Avg HR = 116
Running Index = 44
Max Cadence = 83
Avg Cadence = 70

This was an easy session. I made a bit shorter than normal. I'm almost to the point where the easy sessions have me running more than walking.

This weekend (I expect Saturday), I have my next assessment for Fit-to-Fight. As it stands, I expect it to be quite close as to my passing. I know I've taken at least 1:30 off the last time. I hope that I have most of the next 1:30 that I need if nothing else changes. I know I've done everything I could do to advance my performance on the run.

I also hope that I have made other advances; but, as I've focused on the run, I don't expect much else. I am losing a pound a week, so I will have lost 5 pounds since the last assessment. I hope I get some credit there in lost inches, but that will depend on the measurement. I hope I don't run into any problems with the push-ups or the crunches. I've done a little with them, but there is more that could be done.

On Sunday, I will know whether I passed and what areas need the more work regardless. I will add the push-ups and the crunches as a regular part of strength training in the new plan.

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