02 March 2009

New Shoes

Duration = 45:13
Distance = 2.99
Calories = 256
Max HR = 128
Avg HR = 114
Running Index = 52
Max Cadence = 74
Avg Cadence = 70

Starting this week with new shoes. I plan to wear them for the whole week. I had a minor issue getting the HRM to note the new shoes. I had to turn on the option for the second pair of shoes and associate the stride sensor with them. These shoes are a touch smaller than my other pair and, as such, may fit better.

After getting started at 3.0 mph for a few minutes, I increased the grade to 3.0%. I eventually pushed the speed to 3.8 mph. I never got above Zone 2 during this walk. I have to remember that these are supposed to be easy days, but I need some aerobic effect.

Jeff Galloway's book, Training Programs, and an interval timer came in the mail today. Hopefully, the book will give a better idea how I'm supposed to approach each of these sessions. His website was less than clear.


Anonymous said...

What type of interval timer did you get?

Traveller said...

It's the Gymboss timer from Jeff Galloway's website. I haven't opened the plastic yet to get to it. It is basically a belt clip. It can beep and/or vibrate after set intervals for as long as you let it run. I plan to set it for the run/walk interval I find healthy. Then, I don't have to watch the watch. It will remind me to change pace.

I spent most of last night reading the book. I may have been too concerned with my pace on the walks in the program I've been following. I am in good shape with respect to my pace for the Tuesday/Thursday Run/Walk and the Sunday Long Run/Walk.