21 March 2009

Daniel Island 5K

Duration = 30:09
Distance = 3.18
Calories = 362
Max HR = 196
Avg HR = 172
Running Index = 45
Max Cadence = 113
Avg Cadence = 96

It was a great day for a race. There was a bit of wind, but this didn't have much impact. Race temperature was about 50F. The race T-shirt was long-sleeved. I wore this over a short-sleeved wicking shirt. With shorts, this was just right. I was running with an interval timer and that worked very well.

They announced that this was a new course. (It WAS different than the one on their website.) The first part was on residential streets starting from Bishop England High School. Near the halfway point, the course turned onto a bike path. This ran to a corner of the school property. The last bit was across a field, then a bit of parking lot, before passing between the track and the football stadium. The end was half a lap on the track.

It was a good start. I got all my technology going. There was a bit of sorting out and it was very crowded for the first bit. I will need to figure out how to stay out of the way when I stop to walk. There was water at the 1 and 2 mile point. I bypassed the first, but took a cup at the second. I need to work on water stations more, but I did get a couple swallows of water. There was a bit of a kick left in me at the end. Splits were about 8:30, 9:00, 9:10 (estimates as I didn't mark the miles).

I need to even my pacing a bit. My cadence was good and consistent, but I was shortening my stride a bit during the run interval.

I felt really good about this run. I was quite surprised when I got to the first mile and was well under 10 minutes. I started thinking about a sub-30 race when I was well under 20 at 2 miles. The final time was 27:39 for an average pace of 8:54. I am this at a faster average pace than I did the 1.5 mile run in December.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a new 5k PR! Whoo hoo!

Nice job.

Traveller said...


Anonymous said...

Yay you! I was a little worried about you since you seem to mostly do treadmill running, but it looks like you did just fine.

Traveller said...


I will run outside more now that the weather is a bit warmer.

I figure my pace would be a bit more consistent if I spent more time where I had to set the pace.