17 March 2009

Hard session (3:1)

Duration = 32:01
Distance = 3.14
Calories = 327
Max HR = 174
Avg HR = 156
Running Index = 47
Max Cadence = 109
Avg Cadence = 94

I need to remember to start the interval timer sooner. I ran this with 3 minute run and 1 minute walk intervals. The speed was 7.0 mph for the run and 3.5 for the walk. Today's grade was 0%. This treadmill seems to run a bit slower for a reported speed than the one at home. I will have to verify this once I am home as I also changed the sensor calibration between home and here.

This was the best pace I've averaged since my 1.5 mile run in December for the USAF. Again, I am quite happy to be actively training again.

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