08 March 2009

Long Run/Walk (2:1->3:1)

Duration = 1:25:28
Distance = 6.72
Calories = 737
Max HR = 158
Avg HR = 142
Running Index = 48
Max Cadence = 107
Avg Cadence = 89

Pushed over 6 miles today. My heart rate seemed to be fairly low as I was getting the first mile down and I was feeling pretty good; so, I changed to ratio to run 3 minutes/walk 1 minute. I was a bit irregular with this as I have always started running on multiples of three. Now, I am aiming for multiples of four. This lead to a couple of 7 minute run intervals. Even with that, I'm feeling pretty good.

The goal race for this cycle is a 10K. This run extended beyond that at about 77 minutes (1:17). This at a faster pace than the overall pace I ran for the 5K on 1 Feb. I'm feeling real good about the April race. Next week, I will use the 3:1 ratio. I'd like to get to a 4:1 as that would have me starting the run at '5' and '0'.

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