15 November 2008

OK, that was...interesting

Duration = 60:01
Distance = 3.3 (from foot sensor)
Calories = 382 (lower of two values associated with this exercise)
Max HR = 150
Avg HR = 125
Running Index = 36
Max Cadence = 81
Avg Cadence = 65

Today's plan was a Long Slow Distance (LSD) run. I now know that Slow is followed by "but not too slow". I had this as a Zone 2 one hour long run. I very quickly realized that I was not going to be able to run on Zone 2. That was just too slow. So I went with a Zone 3 run. Next problem, I can't stay in Zone 3 and run either. When I hit Zone 4, I backed off the run to a fast walk. For the rest of the session, I kept adjusting the speed to stay in Zone 3. At 50:00, I did the cool-off at a slow walk. I actually had to slow a bit further than I had planned to keep my heart rate dropping.

Now, I have done some additional research on the Long Slow Distance run. The target is actually near the Zone3/4 border, so I had actually backed into the right idea. I find it easier to stay in a zone than near a border. For the next while, I will do this run as a steady Zone 3. Now, I hope that I progress to the point that it is an actual run.

Finally, I had some stiffness at the beginning of the run. It was then that I remembered that I hadn't had much to drink yet today. Luckily, I was on the treadmill (it's trying to decide if it wants to snow or rain outside; currently doing both). This meant that I could ask my lovely wife for a bottle of water. This made a significant difference.

Note for reference as there may be different definitions of HR Zones:
I use a 5 zone breakdown (based on % of HRmax):
90-100% = Zone 5
80-90% = Zone 4
70-80% = Zone 3
60-70% = Zone 2
50-60% = Zone 1


S/V Windom said...

Take a look at http://www.counterpartcoaching.com/hadd.pdf for some theories on HR training. Supposedly keeping it very low does great things for your cardiac system, but it's tough to run that slowly.

Traveller said...

Thanks for the pointer. That might explain why my father runs every day.

I will have to evaluate this, and the additional items this leads to, in line with my current condition and goals. I have already read the referenced document and it does make sense. I will need a good miles/week base before I need to add these to the going plan. Also, the reading suggests that my current plan may be in line with the intent of the referenced document already. Low Zone 3 would be in line with the Easy days he talks about.