17 November 2008

First OwnZone session

Duration = 30:01
Distance = 1.79
Calories = 193
Max HR = 135
Avg HR = 123
Running Index = 39
Max Cadence = 72
Avg Cadence = 66
OwnZone Target = 105-135

I didn't do the "training effectiveness" test on Sunday for various reasons. This test was done this morning with a result of 2-Normal. The assessment is supposed to catch over- and under-training. Polar calls this rating OwnOptimizer. I also did my Fitness Test which yielded an OwnIndex (Polar name again, similar to VO2max) of 36 and an estimated HRmax (designated HRmax-p) of 176. I'm doing this Fitness Test weekly until December as a baseline, then I will do it monthly as I don't expect wild changes here.

This evening's exercise was a treadmill "run" (mostly walk) using the intensity suggested by another Polar feature on on the RS800 called OwnZone. During the warm-up you work through a defined set of HR zones until the RS800 determines a target zone. While exercising, there is a display that shows your exercise time, this zone as a range with a heart-shaped symbol showing where you are in the range, and the distance (provided by my foot sensor). The stats are above. This is a bit less intensive than I had been doing. From some reading I've been doing (Thanks, Ilana!), this may be for the better. I may up the number of sessions per week (currently 4), but I will finish November and see how things progress. Re-reading the notes on this exercise, I will up the time to the recommended 45 minutes.

In weight-loss news, I am making progress that I am happy with and have even lost an half-inch around the waist. Many more to go, but it is a start.

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Chris@Polar said...

Looks like you are doing all the "right" research first! Great work so far!

Let us know if you need anything!

-Chris @ Polar USA