20 November 2008

Finally settled on a training plan

Duration = 45:01
Distance = 2.37
Calories = 305
Max HR = 138
Avg HR = 124
Running Index = 42
Max Cadence = 76
Avg Cadence = 66
OwnZone Target = 108-138

I've finally decided on my training schedule. I will have exercises planned for 6 days/week with a full rest on Saturday. I will run the "hard" exercises on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the "easy" sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. The week will conclude with a "long" run on Sunday. Currently, I am using time heart rate to determine the effort for each session. The "easy" sessions will be using the OwnZone feature of my HRM. This currently yields a mostly Zone 2 exercise. The "hard" sessions will be shorter Zone 4 runs. Finally, the "long" run will be 1.5 hours maintaining Zone 3.

After the Sunday run, I will have a sample of each of the planned sessions to use to monitor my progress. This will be in addition to the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) based assessment I will get from the HRM each Monday morning. I will also continue to use the training effectiveness assessment daily to monitor the impact of the effort I am expending. So far, this assessment has remained in the "Normal" state. I am still in the baselining phase, but I also think this is telling me that I can continue to increase the intensity.

The session today ended up being a quick walk. I will be happy when my fitness improves to the point this is a true run. I also tried something new. Today, I strapped the HRM to a bar on the treadmill directly in front of me. This means I don't have to change my arm swing and stride to watch the display.

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