21 November 2008

Friday Short Hard (Mostly) Run

Duration = 30:00
Distance = 1.85
Calories = 281
Max HR = 171
Avg HR = 148
Running Index = 31
Max Cadence = 82
Avg Cadence = 68

Pre-run prep was limited and I felt it. For me, the stretch before the run really helps with the warm-up and early parts of any exercise.

My goal was to get to, and maintain, Zone 4 for 15 minutes. I met this, but I had to back down on the speed to keep out of Zone 5. Starting speed was a 5.0 mph (12:00/mile). I was doing a brisk walk at 4.0 (15:00/mile) by the end. Cool-down today was 10 minutes starting at 3.0 and finishing at 1.5. (The stride sensor drops out when walking slower than 2.0.)

A couple notes about the Polar HRM and stride sensor:
  • As noted, the stride sensor really isn't for walking (and this is so documented).
  • I get a Running Index for most of these sessions. This value is designed to let you know how you are progressing. It is calculated from data collected using the stride sensor and heart rate sensor. Again, this is most valid for a true running session.
The means that the 31 today and the 29 Wednesday are the more accurate running predictors. The other numbers (36, 39, and 42) are from sessions that were mostly accomplished in a walking gait. The interesting thing here is that I may actually be better able to cover distance faster with less energy usage walking fast than actually running. My best walking test was accomplished at 10:00/mile for 3 miles. I have yet to sustain a running pace of 10:00/mile for the shorter distance of 1.5 miles. I might take one of these "hard" sessions and see if I can walk fast enough to get to Zone 4 and then compare the speed vs heart rate curves.

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