12 November 2008

That will teach me (yeah, right)

Duration = 40:00
Distance = 2.19
Calories = 269

I dropped the Monday session because I wanted to give myself a break after the FtF assessment. That was probably okay. But I should have done something on Tuesday.

Standard treadmill session. 5 minute warm-up, 30 minutes run/walk, and 5 minutes cool-down. Stretch before and after. I had more discomfort in my shins, knee, and ankles than normal. I did a short run, but decided to finish with a fast walk with another short run near the end.

Tomorrow, I get a Heart Rate Monitor with a foot pod. Then, I will have more data to dig through. It might even help with the training. It will definitely help with the timed runs as I will be able to run a set pace.


Anonymous said...

If you tap your toes on the ground before you run you will not only feel slightly stupid but it's supposed to really help with shin splints.

I really want a HRM, too. I'm hoping my family will love me this Christmas and get me the Garmin Forerunner 405 with HRM.

Traveller said...

Thanks for that tip. I may have to try that.

Hoping you get the HRM of your dreams.

Anonymous said...

Good news! My family bought me my Garmin today!

I can't wait for it to arrive.

We can compare our maximum heart rate and VO2's! Ha!

Traveller said...

Good News!

Sure. :-)