23 November 2008

Long "Run"

Duration = 1:52:48
Distance = 6.80
Calories = 929
Max HR = 152
Avg HR = 138
Running Index = 37
Max Cadence = 75
Avg Cadence = 67

Today was the long run. This is a Zone 3 exercise. This is still a brisk walk.

Today was an experiment. I set my laptop up to play "The Princess Bride" while I exercised. This was mostly a success. I do need to get a means to remotely control the laptop as I will not always find movies of the correct length. I would be able to queue a few things, then key them as each completes until the session is complete. Another possibility is some manner of audio book. Finally, I could play the long files of Morse Code I have. This last is attractive as all the extra exercising is coming out of time I could use for Code practice.

After the stress phase, I slowed to 3.0 and them 2.0 mph. At 10 minutes, I still had not recovered to Zone 1, so I did another 5 minutes at 1.5 and then 1.0 mph. Note for future reference: 1.0 mph is too slow. I was still in Zone 2 when I finished.

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