02 November 2008

First run outside since...

Duration = 50:00
Distance = 3.4 (estimate, haven't found GPS yet)
Calories = ?

...I have no idea. I did find a GPS log from 2006 for parts of this run.

I have found a series of stretches to use. I need to work on my form. I started with a 5 minute walk. I ran for 10 minutes. No sharp pain, but I decided to walk for a bit which turned out to be 5 minutes. I ran for another 10 minutes. I then walked for 5 minutes. I did a run at a significantly faster pace than the rest of the runs in this session for 1 minute which also took me to the edge of the park where I was running. I then walked for the remainder of the time (14 minutes).

Pace was quite slow, but I'm okay with that for a first run. I plan to find my GPS so I can track my outdoor sessions. The current plan is to build up to running the whole session without having to walk parts of it. Once I get to that point, I will work on my stride to improve my speed. Once my speed improves some, I will add distance.

Next week looks like three more treadmill sessions followed by a timed 1.5 mile run next on the weekend as part of my USAF Fit-to-Fight assessment.

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