29 November 2008

Where There's a Will...

Duration = 21:18
Distance = 5 laps of 5 floors up and down
Calories = 157
Max HR = 160
Avg HR = 131

I was traveling after Thanksgiving. I didn't find a training opportunity at the hotel and didn't want to run around a strange city in the dark (getting lost wouldn't necessarily help with my workout). I swapped my rest day to Friday, but I was running out of Saturday when I figured out what would work as an exercise session. I found an out of the way stairwell that went from the ground floor to the roof, a total of 5 floors worth of stairs.

I started by walking on my floor for 5 minutes to get the blood moving. I then started down the stairs (3 floors). At the bottom, I turned around and walked up to the roof (5 floors). At the door to the roof, I turned around and walked back down (2 floors), pushing the Lap button as I pass my floor. After 5 laps, I was getting some significant discomfort in my legs. I walked around on my floor for 5:30 as a cool-down.

I probably should find some stairs I can use to do this type of exercise periodically to improve my leg strength and endurance. I was only walking, but I was mostly in Zone 3 with brief entry to Zone 4 at the top of each lap. If I ever climb the stairs of the CN Tower, I will definitely want to wear my Heart Rate Monitor.

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