05 November 2008

Interrupted (briefly) treadmill session

Duration = 40:00
Distance = >2.28
Calories = >343

I managed to reset the treadmill early in the session which explains the unusual values. I will have to review the safety strap arrangement to reduce the likelihood of another repeat of this event.

Otherwise, this was a good day. I had a good stretch before the run. Warm-up was the currently standard 5 minutes at 3.0 to 3.5 mph walk. 30-minute conditioning session was composed of a 12-minute interval at 5.0, a 5-minute rest at 3.0, and a final 13-minute interval at 5.0. The cool-down was 5 minutes at 2.5 reducing to 2.0 mph. This was followed with another good stretch.

I have one more training session (tomorrow) before my timed run this weekend.

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