19 November 2008

Well, that was supposed to be a Lactate Threshold Test

Duration = 30:05
Distance = 1.94
Calories = 261
Max HR = 189
Avg HR = 145
Running Index = 29
Max Cadence = 82
Avg Cadence = 69

The intent of this session was to determine my Lactate Threshold (LT). This is the point where lactic acid builds up in the muscles because the body cannot remove it faster than it is being created. This is actually a characteristic of capillary and cellular development in the muscles. This is actually separate from the Anaerobic Threshold which is the limit determined by your ability to provide oxygen to the muscles. I have more data, but I'm not quite sure what it is telling me.

I started with a good stretch and a longish warm-up. I started at 3.0 mph for 4 minutes. I then increased the speed to 3.5 and then to 4.0 for 4 minutes each. At 12:00 into the session, I increased the incline to 3%. I started the protocol at 14:00. I ran the first 90 seconds at 4.0. At each 90 second interval, I increased to 4.3, 4.6, 5.0, 5.3, and 5.6. I had intended to do a final interval at 6.0, but I pulled the cord out of the treadmill control box and it stopped. I decided to call it done and started a longish cool-down. I started the cool-down at 3.0 mph and finished it at 2.0.

The heart-rate chart for this session is almost a straight line from start to peak. I will have to repeat this test at some point to see where the top really is, and to look for improvement due to the training I will be doing. I did determine a new HRmax of 189. I will be adjusting my training zones to account for this.

I have until 14 December to get to a race pace of 9:30/mile. This assumes I also can improve my number of crunches and push-ups for the USAF Fit-to-Fight assessment. This is quite aggressive, but I will monitor the training effect to ensure I'm not over training. I will be adding interval training on Tuesday and Thursday. I will be targeting the "race" pace of 9:30/mile. This is currently faster than I have run recently, so I will be ramping up to that speed.

Most of my running has been in the evening not too long before I go to bed. This has had the effect of lowering my blood sugar. The effect seems to be that I burn fat at night instead of create it. I am losing weight at a respectable rate. I'm drinking plenty of water and eating a variety of food. I am watching my snacks. I've determined my base metabolism to be around 2200 kcal/day. I'm trying not to eat more than 1700-2000 kcal/day. I was expecting to lose about a pound a week, maybe a bit less. I'm currently dropping at twice that and I can't find all of that difference in the additional exercise. I hope this continues (though I don't expect it) as long as it doesn't interfere with my other development.

I will try this test again and a different test protocol at some time after the first of the year.

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