31 October 2008

Halloween Treadmill Session

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Duration = 40:00
Distance = 2.48
Calories = 368

For a scary day, this was a great session.

I started with a few stretches (still looking for a good concise set). Then, I started with a warm-up that turned out to be 5 minutes ramping up from 2.5 to 3.5 mph. (I may need to adjust this.) At 5:00, I felt like it was time for the "real" exercise to start. I bumped the speed to 4.0. (This is now feeling a bit slow. It is hard to keep from dropping into a walking gait.) I was still a bit tight so I left the speed at 4.0 for until 12:00 (from start, includes warm-up). At 12:00, I pushed the speed to 4.5, and then to 5.0 as things still felt good. I maintained the 5.0 until 14:00, then I dropped back to 4.5. I kept with the 4.5 until 30:00, then I slowed to 4.0 and dropped into a walking gait deliberately. I finished the last 5 minutes of the exercise phase with the fast walk. The cool-down was at 3.0, then 2.5, and ended with 2.0. I recorded my numbers then went upstairs for stretches.

In the future, I'll use a walking warm-up of 3.0 for 5 minutes and a walking cool-down from 3.0 to 2.0 over 5 minutes. I will be looking to do a steady session at 4.5 mph. Once I get that, I will add intervals to 5.0 with the goal of a steady 5.0 session. I'd like to get to this point as a base because I like the stride I get at that speed.

This weekend, I have a nice run in the nearby park planned.

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