01 January 2010

A New Year and a New Start

I've allowed this to fall fallow and my training has suffered as well. With the new year, I will make a renewed effort to keep this up and to train consistently.

Finishing up 2009:
  • I do walk occasionally at work. I will likely do more of this in the new year, but I will also likely not report it with its own entry.
  • On the 15th of December, I started seriously training again. I am now in my third week of this.
  • With my final weigh-in, I am 6 pounds lighter than at the start of 2009.
Goals for 2010:

Not So Crazy Goals

Crazy Goals
  • Lose 25 lbs (145 lbs)
  • Sub 4-hour Marathon
  • Sub 2-hour Half
  • Sub 50-minute 10K
  • Sub 25-minute 5K

Really Crazy Goals [I don't expect to get these in 2010, but they are out there for direction]
  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon (sub 3-1/2 hour marathon)
  • Sub 40-minute 10K
  • Sub 20-minute 5K
Races currently in the plan:
  • Reese Winter Race Series 10K (Jan)
  • Reese Winter Race Series 10K (Mar)
  • Bataan Memorial Death March (Mar)
  • Trail Half Marathon (Apr)
  • Bolder Boulder 10K (May)
  • Dexter to Ann Arbor Run Half Marathon (Jun)
  • City to Surf Half Marathon (Aug)
  • USAF Marathon (Sep)
I am currently using low HR, slow speed, training. My next major event is the Bataan Memorial Death March where I am entered as Military Heavy. This works out to a full marathon in military utility uniform, complete with combat boots, and wearing a 50-pound pack, 35-pounds of payload plus water and the pack itself. As I plan to march, not run, this event, the slow pace of the current training is quite event specific.

Today is a rest day and I run a 10K tomorrow morning.

That's it for now.

[Edited 2010-03-28 to add tags, add goal weights, and note marathon completion]
[Edited 2010-06-08 to note half marathon PR]

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