07 December 2009

Walk at work

Duration = 29:56
Distance = 1.5
Calories = 127 (estimate)

I felt fairly good after the race on Saturday. I didn't have any hint of the ITB on the right that I have a tendency for. Sunday, I had very stiff calves. This is the first time I've had any issue with the calf muscle. The stiffness seems to go away once I start moving. My wife massaged my legs last night. Rather than run this morning, I decided to walk at lunch inside my office building. We have a measured 1/2 mile path. I did this at a very comfortable pace. I only did 1.5 miles as I had to get back to work and had started later than I had planned.

Lap Times:
  1. 10:04
  2. 9:48
  3. 10:04

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