02 January 2010

2009-10 Reese Winter Race Series 10K #2

Duration = 1:03:03
Distance = 6.71 (total reported by Polar)
Calories = 745
Max HR = 191
Avg HR = 175
Running Index = 45
Max Cadence = 103
Avg Cadence = 96

Today was the second on the winter racing series I'm participating in. Conditions were 10F with a 15 mph wind from the north and sunny, clear, blue, skies.

These are the lap times and heart race data:
Lap   Time    Lap Time  Max Avg Min Dist  min/mile
1. 0:09:47.7 0:09:47.7 173 164 110 1.054 9:17
2. 0:19:48.5 0:10:00.8 177 173 166 1.071 9:21
3. 0:29:56.4 0:10:07.9 184 177 171 1.070 9:28
4. 0:40:53.6 0:10:57.2 180 175 168 1.141 9:36
5. 0:51:19.9 0:10:26.3 179 176 172 1.090 9:30
6. 1:00:54.1 0:09:34.2 189 181 173 1.050 9:06
7. 1:03:02.6 0:02:08.5 191 188 184 0.232 9:24
The laps are marked at the posted mile markers. There was ice on the ground, and I am sure that some of the extra distance is finding a suitable surface. Miles 3 and 6 were mostly into the wind. The final piece involved dodging significant ice which is why I finished slower than the last full mile. There seems be some impact on the foot pod due to the temperature.

I was wearing a different pair of shoes than last month and I feel better. Equipment was Nike Structure 12s, WrightSocks Running, tights, shorts, Under Armor Cold Gear top, tech top, Gortex windbreaker, balaclava, wool cap, and sunglasses. I was also wearing a Polar monitor with foot and GPS sensor. The GPS battery suffered from the cold. I'll have to try a lithium battery for cold running and see if that works better. Since I lost GPS during the run, I can't cross-check the reported the distance against the recorded track.

I am happier with the pacing. I resisted the urge to start too fast. I went out at 7:30/mile last month. I didn't do as well as last month by my watch, but the weather was definitely a factor and I feel I ran a better race. I have no indication of the calf issues I had last month. Slight ITB indications on the right in the second half of the run, but these are much better later in the day. A foam roller is on my buy list.

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