10 February 2009

Run/Walk Session

Duration = 30:01
Distance = 1.83
Calories = 175
Max HR = 154
Avg HR = 125
Running Index = 42
Max Cadence = 104
Avg Cadence = 77

I was considering what to do about the planned race in April. I had considered doing it as another 5K. This was originally planned as my first 10K. I'm not going to declare until the cut-off for pre-registration, but I'm going to train for a 10K on the 11th of April. I can always drop back if I have any significant issues.

To balance this with a little caution, I'm going to follow a run/walk plan of Mr. Galloway's for this race. I will initially be running 1 minute and walking for 2. I will adjust this as my body allows. As a switch from last fall, I'm mechanically limited this time instead of aerobically limited.

I need to get an aerobic step to assist with my ITB conditioning strength training. Currently, I can tell that the ITB is there, but it is not currently painful. I am hopeful for continued improvement.

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