15 February 2009

Long Run/Walk (1:2->1:3)

Duration = 1:03:22
Distance = 3.93
Calories = 408
Max HR = 156
Avg HR = 131
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 103
Avg Cadence =73

Today was the long run for the current plan. Plan distance is 4 miles. I placed a 1 hour cap on this for various reasons including the fact that this is my first week back in training and my wife was reading while I ran.

Run was at 5.0 mph and walk was at 3.0 (with one interval of 3.5). I started with a ratio of 1 minute run to 2 minutes walk. After the run at 24:00, I changed to 1 minute run/3 minutes walk for the rest of the session. I was noting the presence on my right knee. I added the additional walking to keep it happy. I'll be really happy when I can actually go the other way and reduce the time spent walking.

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