01 January 2009

Fitness Goals for 2009

These expand and complement the goals enumerated in my 15 December Goals Update.
  • Run a 5K (Done 1 February 2009, Super 5K, Novi, MI, 40:40.56)
  • Run a 10K (Done 11 April 2009, Tax Trot Long Form (10K), Flushing, MI, 1:05:05)
  • Max the USAF Fit-to-Fight Assessment for the Run, Push-ups (repeat), and Crunches.
  • Achieve my target Body Composition of around 20% Body Fat.
  • Maintain stable weight once above target achieved.
Plan for accomplishment:
  • Continue with Base Building plan while losing weight.
  • Do regular strength exercises to improve push-ups and crunches
  • Do additional strength exerices/cross training to balance muscle groups
  • Pay attention to my diet
  • Once weight goal is met, target a race and follow a specific plan to maximize performance in that race.
[Edited 2009-02-01 to note 5K completion]
[Edited 2009-04-11 to note 10K completion]

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