02 January 2009

If you're sick, don't push it.

Duration = 45:04
Distance = 3.41
Calories = 402
Max HR = 183
Avg HR = 155
Running Index = 37
Max Cadence = 101
Avg Cadence = 82

I was planning on a time trial run of 1 mile during this session. I even got started at the target pace I'd set. A bit more than a quarter way into the trial, I didn't like the way I felt and dropped back to "easy" pace and ran out the rest of the session there. I then did an extended cool-down.

I've been fighting a cold since my trip to Oklahoma and I feel this may have impacted the profile run I did earlier this week. Mechanically, I feel good and I will be very happy when this cold is licked.

The cool-down I have added to my treadmill training is throwing off the heart rate and cadence averages. It is also leading to an under-reporting of the Running Index for these short sessions. Going forward, I will try stopping the HRM when I get to the extended cool-down.

I was targeting an 8:00 mile run to set the VDOT using to determine my training paces to a higher value than the standard rate would predict. Instead, I will adhere to the increase of 1 in VDOT expected about every four weeks due to the normal rate of adaptation. I will train at a VDOT of 34 between now and my first 5K race on 1 February. I expect to use a VDOT of 35 to set my pace for that race and we'll see if there is anything left at the end.

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