04 January 2009

Setting up for the next cycle

Duration = 40:23
Distance = 3.55
Calories = 372
Max HR = 173
Avg HR = 158
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 94
Avg Cadence = 91

Freezing rain and fog didn't sound to appealing, so I did today's run on the treadmill. I started at 5.0 mph for about 7 minutes, then increased to my target speed of 5.2. I maintained this for the rest of the 40 minutes. I then did a cool-down for about 10 minutes. One (significant) benefit of using the treadmill is being read to by my wife while I'm running. Today was from Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon.

As previously mentioned, I will be only recording the "quality" part of the session with the HRM. This should remove a bit of the noise I have in the data I'm tracking. I still haven't calibrated the stride sensor. I will do this the next time I'm on a measured course. This will be no later than the planned race on 1 February.

Today's session is the last based on the Level 1 - Red Intermediate Plan. Starting tomorrow, I will be following Hal Higdon's 10K Training: Intermediate Program modified into a 14 week plan. I will follow the weeks through Week 6 (including the 5K race at the end of Week 4), then I will start over at Week 1 and follow the plan through my planned 10K in April. The hardest part of this plan is figuring out what to do for the 60 minutes of cross-training each Saturday. I will do a time trial at the end of week 4 then second time I get to it in mid-March.

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