27 January 2009

Another Aborted Recovery

Duration = 29:14
Distance = 1.75
Calories = 197
Max HR = 151
Avg HR = 134
Running Index = 37
Max Cadence = 94
Avg Cadence = 76

I had intended to run a very slow 2 miles. I never got beyond 4.0 mph (I was planning a cap at 5.0 mph). I was hopeful for today's run as I finally had no pain while descending stairs.

I didn't have any trouble until I increased the speed to 4.0 and changed to the running gait. At 9:00, I developed significant discomfort in around my right knee. I dropped back to a walk at 3.5. This relieved the discomfort. After about 3 minutes, I increased the speed to 3.8. That didn't raise any issues, so I increased the speed to 4.0, but stayed with the walking gait. After a minute of that, I switched to a running gait at the same speed. After a minute, I dropped back to a walk at 3.5 again due to renewed discomfort. After 3 minutes and feeling better, I tried again to slowly move back to a very slow run. After the discomfort returned, I dropped back to the walk and stayed with that until 25:00 when I noted discomfort even walking. I slowed further to 3.0 and then to 2.0, but this time the discomfort didn't go away. Once I determined that, I stopped. The discomfort never grew sharp. It was mostly a soreness or an ache.

A couple hours, two ibuprofen, and a cold pack later, I am sore on the side of the knee and have an ache down the right side of the right calf. I still have hopes of finishing the 5K on Sunday. I will try a 2 mile walk on Thursday. If that goes well, I will mostly walk the 5K. I'm thinking of running 1 minute and walking 2 minutes and seeing how that goes. I've been informed that I have to do the USAF assessment again in early March, so I don't have the option of a full break after the 5K. I may have to seek medical attention if I am still having problems after this weekend. I may also try using our ski machine again; however, using the ski machine has caused its own problems.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm very sorry to hear this.

My running isn't going so well this week either. Instead of my ankle bothering me today, my plantar fasciitus flared up in both feet.

I spent about an hour this evening rolling golf balls under both my feet.

Traveller said...

Good news today: I didn't notice any issues going down the stairs this morning. There is some soreness, but nothing significant. I think there may actually be some progress here. I will just need to go slow.