14 January 2009

Short Recovery Run

Duration = 27:00
Distance = 2.01
Calories = 198
Max HR = 150
Avg HR = 141
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 91
Avg Cadence = 89

Just a short recovery run today. I started at 4.0 mph and slowly worked up to 5.0 over 3 minutes. This seemed to be activating the wrong feel in my knee, so I dropped back to 4.5 for the remainder of the planned 2 miles. I also focused on my posture and form. When I made sure to pull in my navel, I seemed to have less pressure on the side of the knee.

The local running shop co-sponsors a clinic tomorrow. I think I will drop in and see what the PT has to say. As I write this, I still feel better than I did after the weekend. I will probably drop the speed work from my training before the 5K. I expect I need to work more on core strength and muscle balance.

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