16 January 2009

Aborted Recovery Run

Duration = 11:35
Distance = 0.62
Calories = 57
Max HR = 133
Avg HR = 115
Max Cadence = 91
Avg Cadence = 76

I was trying for a short recovery run of 2 miles at a fairly slow pace, basically the 4.5 that worked Wednesday.

I got started okay. The slight discomfort seemed to be getting better with the movement. Then this stopped improving. At 7:30, I slowed to a walk. At 9:30, I slowed even further. Finally, at 11:30, I decided this wasn't helping and stopped.

My wife found a cold pack designed for the elbow that I currently have on my knee. I have also taken an ibuprofen. I will probably take another just before going to bed.

I am taking the weekend off. I will pamper the leg. Tuesday, I will do a series of strength exercises. (Always depending on the absence of pain, of course) I will do them again Thursday. I have military drill next weekend. I may have to participate in PT (Physical Training) there. Assuming no problems, I will walk 45-60 minutes that Sunday night. I will do a slow run the following Tuesday and Thursday. If everything is functional, I will run the 5K on the 1st with the goal to finish. Then, we will decide what comes next. If the pain doesn't subside, I will see my physician to get the issue resolved.

At least I have already met the physical assessment standard for this year. I also need to be sure I don't injure myself to the point that I cannot deploy if they decide to send me. That would make all the effort to date moot. And that would be a shame. I also need to be sure to adjust my diet a touch as I'm not burning an additional 3-500 calories each day.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear yoyur knee is still bothering you. I hope the weekend of leg pampering helped.

I know I won't be breaking any records when I do my half marathon on 02.01. Isn't it crazy how quickly time goes by?

Traveller said...

It's much better now. Still not "right", but better.

I plan to run my 5K on 1 Feb. Yes, amazing.