11 April 2009

Tax Trot Long Form (10K)

Duration = 1:07:13 (Session time; Official time for race was 1:05:05)
Distance = 6.28
Calories = 747
Max HR = 193
Avg HR = 167
Running Index = 43
Max Cadence = 124
Avg Cadence = 90

I ran my first 10K this morning (completing another fitness goal for 2009). This was part of the Tax Trot in Flushing, MI, USA. The races has tax inspired names: 1040EZ, Long Form, and Extension for the 5K, 10K, and 15K respectively. Conditions at race start were clear, 40F, with a bit of wind from the North. I activated the altimeter feature of the Polar RS800CX as I wasn't familiar with the course and wanted the information. Based on the data, this is a really flat course. (The measured range was 36 feet from 3 to -33. I suspect that most of this is really increasing atmospheric pressure as the finish is at -30 and very close to the start where I reset the altimeter to 0.)

I was wearing a light jacket, vented cap, shorts and long-sleeved wicking shirt. I debated leaving the jacket behind, but kept it due to the wind. This may have been the best choice, but I didn't need it by the end. I might have wanted longer socks to keep my legs a bit warmer during the walk intervals, but that was minor. I was wearing much less than in February when the temperature was similar, but there was no sun.

I didn't see marks for Mile 1 or Mile 6. The pace for the segments I did see were as follows:
10:05 (First 2 miles)
10:13 (Last 1.2 miles)

10:29 (average for official time of 1:05:05)

The last half mile was into the North wind. The core of this course is a loop of about 3 miles taken as needed for each of the target distances. A consequence of this is displaced starts for each of the distances as well. Timing is a gang start with a chip measured finish. A minor concern with this course is that it is open to traffic, but that traffic is accommodating of the runners. There is a water station near the end of the loop.

I used a 3:1 run/walk plan for this race. This worked fairly well. I walked through the water station regardless of where that was in the run/walk sequence. I also dropped the walk intervals during the last half mile and had a nice kick at the end. A bit better pace management and I would have broken the hour, but I'm happy with this first effort at this distance. I placed first (of 2) in my age group and 53rd (of 72) overall.

Next week starts the training for my first marathon in September. I intend to maintain the 3:1 run/walk for this effort. My goal for the marathon is just to finish, but I would like to finish well by running the race as planned.

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