05 April 2009

Long Run/Walk (4:1)

Duration = 33:00
Distance = 2.40
Calories = 276
Max HR = 169
Avg HR = 142
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 109
Avg Cadence = 80

There may be a pattern here. I found this evening's long run/walk particularly difficult. I did push the pace for the run interval to 6.0 mph (from 5.0 for the long session). I felt stiff and my right knee was acting up, again. I stopped the run segments after 3 iterations about 14 minutes into the session. I walked long enough to exceed a half hour, but stopped as even the walk was bothering my knee. This weekend included 5 hours each way in a car and this is similar to the trouble I had after flying to Georgia in January.

[Posted 2009-04-10 1945]

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Anonymous said...

That's interesting that you discovered you have a hard time after sitting for extended periods of time and traveling.

It's good that you know that - you can keep that in mind when planning races or long runs in the future.