14 April 2009

Starting the Next Journey

Duration = 30:02
Distance = 2.26
Calories = 241
Max HR = 182
Avg HR = 139
Running Index = 41
Max Cadence = 113
Avg Cadence = 84

Initial goal was to run the 30 minutes at a constant, slow speed and see how that worked. It didn't. I have a soreness like a bruise on the outside of the left mid-foot. I also still have IT band issues on the right. I need to work on some of the strength exercise I have for that.

Since the initial plan was out the door, I tried something else. After 9 minutes of running, I walked for a few minutes and my heart rate had recovered, so I tried a 60 second interval at 8.0 mph (7:30 pace). This went quite well, so I turned this into a short repeat session. I ran another 60 second interval at 8.0, recovered, ran a 2 minute interval at 8.0, recovered and ran a last 60 second interval at 8.0, and finished with a cool-down through the end of the 30 minutes planned for this session.

Probably not the best approach, but I feel good after completing it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I haven't been blogging or commenting but I'm back and I wanted to see how you are doing.

I hope you are still running and aren't injured right now.