12 April 2009

Walk the Path on Sunday

Duration = 43:09
Distance = 2.45
Calories = 188
Max HR = 112
Avg HR = 102
Max Cadence = 69
Avg Cadence = 65

My wife and I enjoyed a nice walk in the local park just be sunset. It was cool with a bit of a breeze. I'm still recovering from the race yesterday, so the pace tonight wasn't particularly fast, even for a walk.

I still have the altitude sensor live on the HRM. This showed about a 10 foot drop in the elevation of my driveway during the walk. (The atmospheric pressure actually rose which shows as a drop in elevation.) The real variance on this route is more like 30 feet. I'm going to have to go further afield to find real hills when I get to needing hill repeats. (Not this cycle, but eventually)

The rest of this post is omphaloskepsis and can be safely ignored.

I've finally decided what to do with the tagging of these sessions. I'd been using trail to distinguish that from road courses, and, of course, from the treadmill. The problem I had was that I now know that 'trail' tends to imply beyond the pavement. I intend to do some trail running and wanted to make that clear in the tags. I've decided to call the paved trails paths and use the tag 'path' to note their use. (This is pretty obvious once one thinks about it, but it took me a while to get past the dual use of 'trail'.) I now have posts with the following tags: treadmill, path (paved; no normal motorized traffic), and road (paved; motorized traffic, even on a closed course). 'Track' is a special path specific to running or walking. (If it deviates too much from what is usually found around a football pitch, it is likely to called a "path".) I add 'indoor' to denote the protection from the elements. (Currently, only used in 'indoor track'.) I will use 'trail' once I actually do some running off of paved surfaces.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on working out a tagging scheme that will work for you. I'm so OCD that stuff like that drives me crazy and I tend to be on one end of the spectrum or the other.