16 October 2008

Not always running

I expect most posts will be simple statistics from the just finished session. While not always running, they will likely be mostly cardio. I don't expect to note all the pushups and crunches done during the day except as maybe including a total. I'm still thinking about that.

Tonight was NordicTrak:
Duration = 30:00
Distance = 1.74
Calories = 351

I'm not sure exactly what the unit is for the distance. I use what is displayed at the end of the session. I assume it is miles. Calories is also read from the electronic monitor.

The tenderness turned out to be a blister. I talked with the running shop. The placement of the blister is not indicative of an incorrect size for the shoes. It is rather a new rub point due to the support these shoes are providing that I haven't had previously. I bought some BodyGlide to help in this regard and to address chafing I tend to get elsewhere.

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