15 October 2008

Session the first

It's raining out and I have new shoes to determine if they fit correctly. We have a treadmill in the basement, so I have no excuse for not starting today. My wife even read from a book we are sharing while I ran.

Session goals:
  • Start
  • Figure out the treadmill
  • Run enough to determine if the shoes really fit
  • Run without pause for 30 minutes
Duration = 22:40
Distance = 1.51 miles (calc)
Calories = 128 (calc)

I was able to get the treadmill running (with assistance from my wife) and set the speed for 4.0 mph as a first guess for a rate that I could handle for the 30 minutes. I stumbled at the 22:40 point (using my watch) and pulled back far enough to disengage the key that enables the treadmill. I figured that was a good place to stop as it also reset the controls. I calculated the other numbers based on the rate and the time. I used a value (340 cal/hr) I found on the net for calorie burn based on walking 4.0 mph as it was the only one for that rate and the lowest number I found. I am also not adjusting for my weight being higher than 150.

I didn't get the 30 minutes today, but I felt pretty good at the point I did stop. I am satisfied with my starting point.

I didn't notice any issue while running, but I did note a tender spot on my foot a while later. I will consider the shoe issue to be still open.

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