19 May 2010

First Day Back

Duration = 50:22
Distance = 3.02
Calories = 354
Max HR = 142
Avg HR = 130
Running Index = 40
Max Cadence = 100
Avg Cadence = 82

Equipment: Asics Gel-Cumulus 9s, shorts, tech shirt

Warm-up: .25 miles (5:00) @ 3.0 mph
Main: 2.5 miles with HR in 130-140
Cool-down: .25 miles (5:00) @ 3.0 mph

I should have figured out some way to get some cross-training in, but it was too easy to veg. I'm paying for that now. I was not able to stay in my target heart rate range without slowing below a run. There is a pace that I just find difficult to maintain. This is between 3.5 and 4.0. Of course, this is where I was needing to stay. My solution was to run at 4.0 until I hit 140 and walk at 3.0 until I dropped below 130.

My next goal race is the USAF Marathon in September. This is Week 1. I should have run yesterday. I plan to run the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. I will be doing Week 1 a day behind. Week 2 will likely also be a day behind with the Long Run the race on Monday (an extra rest day before the race). We will pick up the proper days when I get home from Colorado. Finally, I'm signed-up for a half marathon near home a week after the Bolder Boulder. They have a pretty stiff minimum pace and the half is a bit long for this point in the training cycle. I will likely trade for another 10K for the long run at the end of Week 2.

The key will be to stay healthy through the race in September.

Lap    Time    Lap Time  Max Avg Min Dist  min/mile  
A 1. 0:16:34.8 0:16:34.8 140 125 92 1.002 16:32
A 2. 0:33:02.7 0:16:27.9 142 135 125 1.004 16:23
A 3. 0:49:58.9 0:16:56.2 141 132 117 1.002 16:54
1. 0:50:21.8 0:50:21.8 142 130 92 3.022 16:37

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The Green Girl said...

Welcome back, Traveller! ::waves::

I'm sorry to hear you've lost some fitness but I am sure you will regain it shortly - especially with all these races lined up!