21 April 2010

Off for the rest of the month

Last Friday was the visit to the doctor. He doesn't think it is a stress fracture. This is the good news. He does think there is soft tissue damage and I've been told no impact for two weeks. This is the bad news.

I will miss the Trail Half Marathon. I told the race organizer today and this will allow another runner to participate and the field was full. I will start slowly on the 3rd of May and work into training gradually. I will continue with the low heart rate training I was doing before. I will still participate in the Bolder Boulder, but I may drop back to the slower group of Military participants. Depending on how recovery and training go, I will evaluate which race (if any) I run as part of the Dexter - Ann Arbor Run. I'm currently signed-up for the half; however, there is a fairly quick required pace. I did better than that in September, but we will see if I can sustain the needed pace by the time of the expo.

My next goal race remains the USAF Marathon this September. Assuming no injury, I have every confidence in finishing that race under the seven hour cut-off.

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The Green Girl said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself.