31 May 2010

Bolder Boulder 2010

Duration = 1:12:24.74 (Official Net Time)
Distance = 6.21 (10km)
Calories = 870
Max HR = 191
Avg HR = 177
Running Index = 39
Max Cadence = 106
Avg Cadence = 90

Equipment: Asics Gel-Nimbus 11s, shorts, tech shirt

This race substituted for my long run of USAF Week 2. My goal was to finish faster than a 12:00/mile pace. This is the hilliest 10K I've ever run. Last year, I ran the Bolder Boulder Remote in Balad, Iraq. This was very flat and only at an elevation of 164 feet. That race is still my PR for this distance. I had minimal training going into this race having taken several weeks off after the Bataan Memorial Death March.

I had to stop briefly to relieve pressure during mile 2. I walked through the water stops that I got fluids from. I didn't get any of the hot dogs, beer, or other food offered during the race. I did get hit by a supersoaker and ran through a couple sprinklers. The weather was great and wind was not a factor. I noticed the climb to the course summit of 5391 feet. The only time I really noticed the elevation was the final climb into the stadium. I just could get as much air as I wanted. I made it to the top and finished string, if not with as strong a kick as I tend to produce. I erred on the side of staying upright under my own power.

I went out a bit fast, but other than that pretty much ran my plan. My cadence is very consistent at 90 strides per minute. The only issues was chafing of my right nipple and significant thrubbage making for a tender spot I noted most when taking my post race shower. I was successful in keeping the effort pretty consistent with the heart rate only climbing during the climbs and some very minimal drift. Peak was during the final climb and on the run to the finish.

Official time was 1:12:24.74 which yields an average pace of 11:39/mile. This is right where I wanted to be and very good considering the mileage leading to the race and the elevation.

I almost forgot to start my HRM. The distances reported were consistently long.
Data (from Polar):
Mile   Time    Lap Time  Max Avg Min
1. 0:10:30.3 0:10:30.3 178 167 113
2. 0:22:57.3 0:12:27.0 183 173 163
3. 0:34:53.9 0:11:56.6 185 179 173
4. 0:46:56.3 0:12:02.4 184 179 168
5. 0:58:35.1 0:11:38.8 185 179 171
6. 1:10:02.5 0:11:27.4 191 181 172
7. 1:12:26.2 0:02:23.7 191 189 187

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